Kai has 28 years of surfing and ocean experience and over 15 years surfing instruction experience. He also holds a Master's Degree in Secondary Education and a California Teaching Credential in Social Science and Health Science. Proficient in Spanish, he is authorized by the state of California to teach English Language Learners.

Growing up in Malibu, the local surf spots have been his backyard since childhood. He has surfed most spots on the west coast of California and has extensive surfing experience around the world including South and Central America, Tahiti, South Africa, Fiji, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, France, Portugal and even Italy! Kai's focus in the lesson is always on safety, understanding of the ocean, as well as the thrill of surfing. CPR and First Aid Certified.

Brett has 23 years of surfing and ocean experience. Growing up in Malibu, he has been an Ocean Lifeguard in Malibu for 12 years and is a certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). He has surfed all over the world and worked as a lifeguard in such places as Fiji and Australia. With experience as a Junior Lifeguard Instructor, he teaches people with ease and is always focused on a safe, fun, and educational experience for everyone.

Jonathan grew up in Ventura County and has been surfing locally in Malibu, Ventura and Santa Barbara for 15+ years. He has been lucky enough to surf around the world including Spain, France, Portugal, Ireland, Panama, Ecuador and Mexico. Jonathan gave up a corporate career so he could spend more time in the water surfing, taking photos and traveling. 

"I wish I could bottle up the joy I felt the first time I caught a wave. Helping new surfers achieve that during a surf lesson is probably as close as I can get to that."

Jamie grew up in Malibu as a member of one of the old Malibu families, and can be found pulling into barrels at Zuma whenever it is good. He is an LA County Lifeguard, water polo coach and outstanding surfer. When surfing with Jamie, you will no doubt get the best waves possible at Zuma.

Colin LOVES water; he has 18 years of experience surfing the coast from San Francisco to the waste lands of Central Baja. He is also an avid fisherman and free diver, with experience in the California kelp beds and inshore reefs of Baja. He loves surfing anything with a fin, and especially things without them, a recent MFA graduate from UCLA he is a Los Angeles based actor and teacher. In both his studies of acting and kung fu, he has come to realize that the ocean is the greatest teacher, and can’t wait to share his love and knowledge of it with anyone who’ll listen. Pray for surf!

Owen has lived his whole life here in Malibu. Learning to surf at age 7, he has always loved the ocean and attended Rob LeMond's Ocean Safety Camp for most of his childhood. Rob then hired him to work as a counselor at his camp when he was 15 and he has now worked there for the past 4 years. Owen’s experience with young children is apparent in his natural ability to both have fun with the kids, yet also to teach them the skills necessary to be safe in the ocean. Owen is currently a senior at Loyola High School.