Our Surf lessons

Once you stand up on a wave and glide down the face, you will probably be hooked for life.

Our surf lessons are fun, challenging, and very rewarding. It is our goal that you learn to stand up and ride the wave, but also that you feel comfortable being in the water and become knowledgeable about ocean conditions.

The waves can be crowded in Southern California, therefore we will focus on crowd safety and awareness, as well as surfing etiquette.

When you get that first good ride, you will feel what surfing is all about!

Most of the time we do our surf lessons at Zuma Beach in Malibu or at Santa Monica Beach. Given the right conditions, we also do lessons at Sunset Beach, Point Dume, Venice, and El Porto.

The beach breaks of Zuma, Santa Monica, Venice, and El Porto offer great, consistent waves for beginner surfers when the swell is small. When the surf gets bigger, these spots become some of the most challenging and rewarding surfing beaches in the LA area.

Point Dume and Sunset Beach are point breaks that offer nice long rides with protection from our prevailing westerly wind. The waves are generally nice and easy, perfect for those first few sessions, as well as for intermediate and advanced surfers.

All rates are for a custom, private one-on-one or a private small group lesson. Private group lessons are with you and your friends that you want to surf with.
Lessons are a minimum of an hour and a half and include use of quality soft-surfboards and wetsuits.

1 Person - $120
2 People - $180
3 People - $240
4 People - $280
5 People and above $65 per person


Email, call or text us:

(310) 455-6900

Surf Lesson Gift Certificates Available:
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I decided to get my sister surfing lessons for her birthday and figured I would tag along as well.  Kai was a phenomenal instructor making sure we not only understood the technical aspect of catching a wave and standing up on the board, but also how to identify your surroundings and be aware of nature around you.  It was an amazing time, we can't wait to get back out there. ~ Guy & Galit

Thanks so much for the great lesson you gave my sister Colleen and my husband Mark on Friday. Colleen & I used to be big snowboarders back in the day, so we both know how important it is to send inexperienced visitors to an expert instructor. ~ Laura

Thank you so much again for your lesson. We learned soooo much and now I really feel confident to get out there. You rock, and I'll definitely
pass along your info to friends who need lessons! ~ Ashley

Thank you again for the wonderful experience. We really had the most
amazing time surfing with you and I can't wait to be back! Hope to see you soon again and if you ever come this side of the pond
pls let us know. Ciao! ~ Matilde, Ingrid & Romy

Well, you were right and Jack does officially have the surf bug.  He wanted to send you a picture of his new wetsuit and board, as well as a few pictures from your days surfing. We went to our local surf shop (Prooflab) and the guys there were extremely helpful, and cracking up a little about Jacks enthusiasm!  We will surely call you the next time we head south and we will keep you posted on the progress! ~ Bridget & Jack
(From Jack) thanks for the lesson. i had fun. maybe we can surf together again. jack.

Thank you so much for working with Brandon. He really enjoyed it and I think we have a new sport. Take care and we will see you in Aug. ~ Linda