The Archy Movie Tonight, May 7th in Santa Monica

This will be a fun show....go check it out!

The Archy Movie

Tonight, Friday April 18th, the Archy Movie is making it's first stop on it's West Coast Tour. Go check it out at the Hermosa Beach Playhouse at 7pm!
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Produced by my good friend Bill Ballard, with tow buddeh Rob Bruce as the DP, I am a little biased...but this movie rocks!! Like Bill has said, "This is a story that needs to be told". It is a flash back to the eighties surf scene in California, and a look at one of modern surfing's most influential characters.

I was fortunate to go to the premier in Newport and I think all of San Clemente came up to show their support. Check out the trailer for your self and go see the movie tonight!

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Water Mag Editor Review - Santa Barbara Surfer - Forums
Water Mag Editor Review
By: Steve Zeldin (words)
April 13, 2008
Built for Speed, Born to Ride -- an appropriate tagline for the new Bill Ballard documentary on the life of pro surfer Matt Archbold.

The premiere on April 10th at Newport's Lido Theater was a rowdy good time, thanks to the hundreds of heads from the San Clemente "mafia" who made the trek from Archy's hometown, hooting for their friends and the gnarly waves, and rolling empties down the aisles -- the way it should be at a surf flick. It was the best documentary I've seen in a long time; let me explain:

The film showcases the career of one of surfing's most radical and inventive characters, with colorful commentary from top surfers, his peers, influences, family, and childhood friends. Archy, like Jordan or Tiger, will forever be known by one name, and celebrated for his innovative surfing prowess.

From aerials to backdooring the business end at Off-the-Wall, Archy has impacted surfing in a major way. He's been sponsored for 25 solid years, and the film manages to showcase some of the pitfalls of his lucrative endorsements and his life in the fast lane.

The years Archy spent being mentored by Martin Potter are of particular note in the film, as well as the thoughts shared by many of surfing's elite athletes and the media. Kudos to Bill Ballard for capturing the essence of Archy's amazing contributions to the sport.

The after party was at the Blue Beet, where the hot rods, hot chicks, and all the bros transferred their energy to keep the good times rolling in honor of one of surfing's favorite sons. Archy's lady, family, and son, Ford, who is now a hot surfer himself, were on hand to celebrate. Catch the premiere as Archy makes tracks across America in the coming months. Great show!