Fall In The Santa Monica Bay

Believe it or not, fall is by far the best time to surf in the Santa Monica Bay. We get small combo swells, such as a south swell mixed with short-period north-west wind swell. Even just a north-west wind swell will provide for some fun peaks. Normally medium to high tide is best, but it can be good on a low tide if it’s exceptionally peaky. Venice and El Porto hold better on the low tide.
Here are a few shots of some fall surf in Santa Monica from the crappy camera on my Blackberry, but you get the gist...

Tip: Sunset breaks on west or north-west swells, as well as south swells. Get a nice low tide in the afternoon and a little west swell and you've got yourself a great session at Sunset. Another plus, Sunset is protected from the north-west wind, and during the winter, there is usually just a fraction of the summer crowd.