And you think our water is cold!

As you all know, the water here in sunny So Cal has been pretty cold. Contrary to popular belief, winter is not the coldest time of year in regards to our water temps...Spring is! You know all this crazy wind we have had recently, well as this blows down the coast it pushes the surface water south, and then cold water from down deep "upwells" to the surface along the coast. Yes, this is called "upwelling" and it makes our water freezing!

However, it is not as freezing as my good friend Rune and his girlfriend have to deal with in Norway. I'm not sure the exact temps, but I'm guessing low 40's, add some snow on the ground, some freezing wind and perfect waves and you've got yourself a Norwegian surf session!

The waves look perfect! I don't know about you guys but I would be out my 6mm wetsuit and booties and gloves and hood and maybe a shot of Schnapps before the session (for sure after).

Check the photos. The person on the right getting barreled is Rune's girlfriend Jannike. Nice one! Although, it seems like there is something wrong with having to walk to the surf in snowshoes...