Zuma Surf and Swim Training instructors sneak in a few waves in perfect Santa Monica surf conditions

We've seen some classic fall conditions this year with clean, peaky mellow waves in Santa Monica. Perfect for surf lessons...and for our instructors to catch a few of their own!

Kai Sanson, showing the kids how to get that Wavestorm moving.

Jonathan on a nice, easy cruiser.

Colin, catching a few on a wild, stormy day. Photos by: James Liu Photography

Zuma Surf & Swim Training’s offering a 2-for-1 Weekday Winter Promo!

Two people can surf for the price of one – Monday through Friday only - now through the end of March. That means a two person surf lesson for $120. Contact us for more info or to book your lesson, then grab a friend and take that well-deserved day off…

This winter sucks if you want to ski or snowboard, but it rocks if you want to surf!

We have some rain on the way, but we've had the most amazing December and January for lessons. So many days of perfect waves and weather! Here's a shot of the star winter surfing family who have recently moved here from France. I think they're enjoying the weather...

Mom and dad get out there and practice on their own while we help the girls get the best rides, work on technique and gain wave knowledge. The girls are doing amazing and are having a blast. Meanwhile, I get to practice my French, which is horrible!