A new longboard for Kai ~ by Entropy Bio Boards in Santa Monica

Sustainable shredding...

Well, I finally pulled the trigger on a new longboard, and I am stoked! I hooked up with Rey over at Entropy Bio Boards to design an eco-friendly, locally made, custom high performance longboard. All the elements came together and I must say, this board rocks. Not only is it much more environmentally friendly than traditionally made boards, it also surfs unreal.

With my Veg-powerd truck and my eco-friendly surfboard, am I now an officially "green" surf instructor??? Greenopia, here I come...Ha!! Just kidding!

-- The blank is a light and durable sugar based foam with a sustainably harvested stringer.
-- The resin is a pine based epoxy resin with lower VOC's and up to 75% less petroleum than standard resins.
-- There is a bamboo inlay on the deck which not only looks cool, it adds substantial rigidity and strength to the deck.

The shape is a high performance longboard with a nice pulled in tail, single concave at the front going into double concave at the tail with plenty of V. Tri-fin setup. We went thinner to take out some volume of the board and heavier on the rocker to add some performance. Rey made sure to spend time on the rails so that they were slightly tapered, soft up front and sharp at the tail. If they rails don't feel right on a board, I'm pretty much over it from the start.

One of the best parts...it was made right here in Santa Monica! No shipping from China involved!

To find out more about Entropy and what Rey and his brother are doing up to
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Here are some photos of the board being made and the final product.