Zuma Surf & Swim Training’s offering a 2-for-1 Weekday Winter Promo!

Two people can surf for the price of one – Monday through Friday only - now through the end of March. That means a two person surf lesson for $120. Contact us for more info or to book your lesson, then grab a friend and take that well-deserved day off…

Zuma Surf & Swim Training -- Gear Update

We've recently started to use some great new gear for our surf lessons.

NEW BOARDS! -- Along with the INT Softboards that we have used in the past, we now are using the Doyle Performance Softboards. These boards are unreal! Because of the shape, rigidity, rocker and fin position, they ride really nice and you can actually turn them and go down the line. The nose also is has more rocker than other soft surfboards so if you are beginning, you will be less likely to nose-dive. They are stable and perfect for the beginner, but will also get you into that stage of advanced beginner or intermediate. Perfect for the waves at Sunset Beach or small days in Santa Monica and Zuma.

WETSUITS! -- We're slowly introducing XCEL Wetsuits, which are hands-down some of the best on the market. They will keep you warm and toasty on those cold Zuma mornings!

Random Cool News -- A new artificail reef in India (yes, India) that looks like it goes off!!

When I first saw this I could not believe it. Maybe the next surf trip should be India for some surf and yoga?? I'm sure there is a lot of local controversy about it, but if it really does serve to rebuild the beach as well as make a good wave, we need one here! Maybe out in front of Broad Beach instead of a giant rock wall/breakwater which has completely destroyed the beach.

Check it out:
India's First Artificial Reef

We are now a KCRW Fringe Benefits Provider

We are big supporters of KCRW. Not only do we contribute as members, but Zuma Surf & Swim Training is now a Fringe Benefits Provider. What does that mean for you? Well, if you are a member of KCRW and hold a current Fringe Benefits card, you receive a 15% Discount off surf lessons with us.
15% of both private or group surf lessons
Does not apply to package rates.

How to receive the discount for surf lessons:
Just let us know in advance that you are a KCRW member and present your card to us the day of the lesson and receive you discount. Then...get in the water and go surfing!

KCRW Website

Special Winter Group Rate - A 2 person surf lesson for the price of 1 person

Do you have a friend that has been saying they want to get surf lessons with you but keep flaking? Well, now there is no excuse.

From now through the end of February, get a 2 person surf lesson for the price of just one person. That means, each of you pay only $60 for a full lesson. Don't worry, we have good wetsuits to keep you warm. These sunny, winter days can be a great time to get out there with few crowds.

The water is clean up at Zuma and Broad Beach in Malibu. For lessons in Santa Monica or at Sunset Beach, we will wait the recommended 72 hours after a major rain to go in the water.

Give Kai a call at (949) 742-1086 to set up a lesson.

Jen and Rob enjoying a great winter surf!

NY Times Travel Section - June 21, 2009 "36 Hours in Malibu"

Check out this recent feature in the NY Times Travel section on Malibu. It has info on all sorts of great things to do in Malibu, including surf lessons with Zuma Surf & Swim Training!

Here is the link to the article:
36 Hours in Malibu - NYTimes.com

10 a.m. 9) CATCH A WAVE
Surf shops offering lessons and board rentals line the Pacific Coast Highway (P.C.H. in local lingo), but Kai Sanson of Zuma Surf and Swim Training (949-742-1086;
www.zsstraining.com) takes his fun seriously. Mr. Sanson, 35, a Malibu native, was named L.A.’s best surf instructor last year by L.A. Weekly. He’ll size you up with a glance and gear the instruction to your skills. Lessons for two are $80 a person. His tales of growing up in Malibu are free. Locals also give Malibu Makos Surf Club (310-317-1229; www.malibumakos.com) and Jeff White of Captain Kahuna’s Wave Travel Adventures (310-863-3802) high marks.

A new longboard for Kai ~ by Entropy Bio Boards in Santa Monica

Sustainable shredding...

Well, I finally pulled the trigger on a new longboard, and I am stoked! I hooked up with Rey over at Entropy Bio Boards to design an eco-friendly, locally made, custom high performance longboard. All the elements came together and I must say, this board rocks. Not only is it much more environmentally friendly than traditionally made boards, it also surfs unreal.

With my Veg-powerd truck and my eco-friendly surfboard, am I now an officially "green" surf instructor??? Greenopia, here I come...Ha!! Just kidding!

-- The blank is a light and durable sugar based foam with a sustainably harvested stringer.
-- The resin is a pine based epoxy resin with lower VOC's and up to 75% less petroleum than standard resins.
-- There is a bamboo inlay on the deck which not only looks cool, it adds substantial rigidity and strength to the deck.

The shape is a high performance longboard with a nice pulled in tail, single concave at the front going into double concave at the tail with plenty of V. Tri-fin setup. We went thinner to take out some volume of the board and heavier on the rocker to add some performance. Rey made sure to spend time on the rails so that they were slightly tapered, soft up front and sharp at the tail. If they rails don't feel right on a board, I'm pretty much over it from the start.

One of the best parts...it was made right here in Santa Monica! No shipping from China involved!

To find out more about Entropy and what Rey and his brother are doing up to
Home | Entropy Surfboards

Here are some photos of the board being made and the final product.

And you think our water is cold!

As you all know, the water here in sunny So Cal has been pretty cold. Contrary to popular belief, winter is not the coldest time of year in regards to our water temps...Spring is! You know all this crazy wind we have had recently, well as this blows down the coast it pushes the surface water south, and then cold water from down deep "upwells" to the surface along the coast. Yes, this is called "upwelling" and it makes our water freezing!

However, it is not as freezing as my good friend Rune and his girlfriend have to deal with in Norway. I'm not sure the exact temps, but I'm guessing low 40's, add some snow on the ground, some freezing wind and perfect waves and you've got yourself a Norwegian surf session!

The waves look perfect! I don't know about you guys but I would be out there...in my 6mm wetsuit and booties and gloves and hood and maybe a shot of Schnapps before the session (for sure after).

Check the photos. The person on the right getting barreled is Rune's girlfriend Jannike. Nice one! Although, it seems like there is something wrong with having to walk to the surf in snowshoes...

Zuma Surf & Swim Training makes LA Weekly's "Best of LA"

We made it!

Kai Sanson and Zuma Surf & Swim Training named "Best Surf Instructor" in LA.

It's been an incredible summer with tons of great rides, classic wipeouts and good times for all.

Brett and I want to send a special thanks to all of our clients for your dedicated support and courage to get out there ride the waves. We really appreciate it!

Check out the write-up on their site, or better yet, grab a copy at your local liquor store.
Los Angeles - Best Of - Best Surfing Instructor - Kai Sanson, Zuma Surf and Swim Training (2008) - LA Weekly

Kai Sanson, Zuma Surf and Swim Training
Kai Sanson takes you to a beach where the surf rolls in slowly. He has a key to the gate; the security guards know him. Even on a Saturday morning, there are no more than five or six surfers on the half-mile-wide beach. He walks with you down to the water, tells you how to assess the scene and advises you to wait until the sea calms before you venture out, one arm stretched to its limit around a long foam board.
"You want to be cool," he says. "Surfing is all about cool."
Then he laughs, and you know he's kidding.
You might feel a little guilty here, knowing that people have worked hard to secure access to the coastline for everyone. Now may be the time, though, to suppress your egalitarian ethics, because it's a lot easier to learn to surf when you've eliminated some of the threats you find at the gentler public beach breaks, like 19-year-olds on sharp-edged shortboards who've been up all night on acid.
It's also easier for Sanson to line you up in the perfect spot, tell you when to paddle like hell and give you a little push if you fall behind. The rush of speed and force of that first wave under your body defeats any lingering terror you might have of the water. You suddenly realize what it means, exactly, to be on a
surfboard. And when the time comes that you must choose and time your own sets — and, naturally, you get thrown head first off your board by a wave crashing into your back — you'll discover when you finally pop up that Sanson has been keeping a close eye on you, counting the number of seconds you were pinned under.
Everyone who's ever hung out a surfing-instructor shingle claims to specialize in beginners who fear big water, because, in fact, most people who live in Southern California want to surf but don't for fear of big water or sharks. And while avoiding the water for fear of sharks is a little like avoiding elevators for fear of earthquakes, waves you can come to understand. That's where Sanson excels: He can tell you why that little push-up on the board helps you over the white water as you paddle out; he can explain what makes the waves break neatly in this perfect spot just to the right of the rocks. Pretty soon you realize it's not just the ocean you have to understand, but yourself: It's not the water that's making your board feel tippy, it's where you put your feet.
Sanson can talk about other things, too, like energy politics and European cities. This is good, because unless you hit a magical day with perfect 3-foot sets rolling in from the west every five minutes, surfing is 80 percent sitting on your board, looking out to sea. "And now, we wait," is the way Sanson puts it. Ask him about his veggie-oil truck.
—Judith Lewis

Kai snags some good ones in Nicaragua

About a month ago I was able to sneak away to Nicaragua and founds some epic waves! Here are a few shots of the best ones.