Spring Club Surfing Session Starts This Saturday, March 3rd

Get ready for spring surfing! Spring session starts March 3rd, 2012.

Youth weekend and after school surfing program in Los Angeles for kids ages 10-16. Surf local spots with surf coach Kai Sanson and local pro surfers. Gear included if needed.

Spring Schedule:
Wednesday & Friday After School
Saturday Mornings

This winter our group been surfing all sorts of different spots including Santa Monica, El Porto, Venice, Sunset, Topanga, Point Dume, Zuma, County Line and Ceet.

Call or email Kai for more info.

Kai's Bio:
- Born and raised on Pt. Dume, Malibu
- 27 years surfing experience, over 10 years instruction experience
- Masters Degree in Secondary Education - Loyola Marymount University
- California Teaching Credentials - Social Science and Health Science
- Extensive knowledge of local spots
- Surfed, worked and travelled all over the world
- CPR & First Aid Certified

Youth Surf Adventure Camp in Malibu

AUGUST 15 - 19, 2011


ZJ Boarding House Spring Sale going down this weekend 3/20-21

Just wanted to let you know that ZJ Boarding House on Main St. in Santa Monica is having a big sale this weekend. 10-50% off the entire store, with 20-50% off all apparel, 20-40% off all footwear, 15% off skateboards and 15% off surf accessories. Plus save $$$ off of select surfboards! This could be a good chance to get yourself geared up for summer. Come to think of it, I need some new booties!

ZJ Boarding house is one of the best surf shops around. They have a great selection of gear and the guys that work there are some of the most professional that I have ever experienced at a surf shop. They know their stuff! The shop also supports the local brands and carries a good selection of Entropy Bio-boards (born right here in LA) and Freedom Artist apparel from the boys out in the Bu.

ZJ Boarding House Website
ZJ Boarding House Facebook Page

Happy shopping.

Kai & Brett Sanson to swim for SurfAid's "Swim 4 Humanity" fundraiser

Brett and I will be swimming this Sunday, March 21st, with Team PDS from Malibu in SurfAid's "Swim 4 Humanity" fundraiser.

I've been following this organization for a while and they've done some amazing work in the Mentawi Islands in Indonesia. I have to say, surfing in the Mentawis is something every surfer should try and experience at least once in their life - in a culturally conscious manner, of course.

While boatloads of wave crazed surfers zip around in air-conditioned cabins on multi-million dollar yachts, the local population struggles with diseases like malaria and their basic daily needs. Most of the local villages sit hidden back in the palm trees, just a few hundred yards away from pristine beaches and perfect waves.

I took the photos below on my first trip to the Mentawis in 1997. Later that day, after our surf, we walked through the village and it was an experience that I will never forget.

The Event:
Swim 4 Humanity is a fundraising event benefiting SurfAid International. Hosted in eight cities on the west and east coasts from March to May 2010, monies raised will go toward SurfAid's humanitarian programs.

Prior to the event, participating teams and individuals get sponsored by friends and family for a 30-minute swim at one of the swimming pool venues. Competitive freestyle swims will be held each day, and fun team relay races will take place in the afternoon.

Worldwide, 10 million children die each year from preventable diseases. Swim 4 Humanity to benefit SurfAid International is your opportunity to turn a couple hours of effort into life-saving support for isolated regions of the world. This year, we need your support more than ever!

If you'd like to help SurfAid's cause and support our fundraising efforts, you can donate through the link below. Any amount is greatly appreciated.
Team PDS Donation Page

Los Angeles Swim:
March 21, 2010 at 12:00 pm: Pepperdine University in Malibu - 24255 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu, CA 90263

About Surf Aid:

Humanitarian organisation SurfAid International is proud to celebrate its 10th anniversary this year after starting with a small malaria program in one village in the Mentawai Islands, off Indonesia’s Sumatran coast, in 2000. The scope of SurfAid’s work has increased from malaria prevention to now include water and sanitation, disaster preparedness and community health programs. In 2007, SurfAid was awarded the World Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (WANGO) Humanitarian Award, after being chosen from more than 49,000 not-for-profits worldwide.

LAST MINUTE GIFTS...A Gift Certificate for Surf Lessons with Zuma Surf & Swim Training

If you are looking for a last minute gift for someone, why not a Gift Certificate for surf lessons with ZSS? It's tons of fun, good exercise and it is likely that they will get the wave of their life!
Wishing everyone a great holiday season and hope you find some time to get in the water and enjoy these incredible winter days.

Environmental Integrity and Ocean Awareness with ZSS and the Tiger Woods Learning Center

Students from the Tiger Woods Learning Center’s Environmental Integrity Class hit the surf to learn more about the ocean and how to keep it clean.
June 7th, 2008
Seal Beach, California

We all see the trash on our streets, plastic bags stuck in bushes and candy wrappers headed for the storm drains. Eventually all of this disappears from our sight, but where does it go? Students from the Environmental Integrity class at the Tiger Woods Learning Center wanted to find out.

It was a day with true hands-on experience and emersion, where both jr. high and high school students from the class taught by Chris Carr were introduced to the North Pacific Gyre and it’s swirling vortex of plastic before they jumped into the waves of Seal Beach to learn how to surf.

The day began with an orientation to the beach and observing the surroundings; wave size, currents, wind, piers and jetties. The goal of Zuma Surf & Swim Training is to not only teach kids how to stand up on a surfboard, but to give them knowledge about how to safely swim in the ocean and to become aware of their surroundings.

Michael White followed with a presentation on the flow of trash from our cities and how it ends up in the ocean, and specifically, the North Pacific Gyre. With pieces of plastic ranging from lighters to footballs that had been collected on research trips by the Algalita, the students were able to see first hand the trash that had been collected 1000’s of miles out in the ocean. It all looked too familiar! It become obvious where this trash came from and the discussion that followed focused on how we can all help to clean it up.

But enough talk...let’s get in the water! After a rundown on ocean swimming safety and a few practices standing up on the surfboards, everyone jumped in. There were some fantastic rides all the way to the beach and a few wipeouts! It was the first time surfing for all of the students, and everyone did an incredible job.

As the students walked down the beach back to their towels, we all grabbed some trash and “put it in it’s place.”

This event was put on in coordination with Kalim Rayburn at the Tiger Woods Learning Center, Kai & Brett Sanson of Zuma Surf & Swim Training based in Santa Monica, The Algalita Marine Research Foundation, Micheal White at tiipp.net, with surfboards for the kids provided by INT Softboards.

Special thanks to Asia Lecureuil for taking the photos, to INT Softboards for providing the surfboards, and to Sarai Grenell, KC Blinn, Jenny Ludwig, Ana Beauchamp and Josette Olivera for helping the kids catch their first waves.

For more information on this event or inquiries about future educational events, please contact Kai Sanson at (949) 742-1086. kai@zsstraining.com

Mr. Rob Bruce is at it again.

Zuma Surf & Swim friend, self-proclaimed body surfer extraordinaire, and incredible film maker Rob Bruce's new project with Red Bull surfing will be airing on Fuel TV this Thursday at 8pm.

This surf film called "Inside" was filmed in Tahiti with some of the worlds best big wave surfers wearing a new, super high tech camera while getting insanely barreled at Teahupo'o. The camera shoots complete 360 degrees to it allows the viewer to see everything that is going on as these guys are riding in the barrel....it is incredible, check it out!!!!

Thursday night at 8pm on fuel TV
Also on...

If you are going to party..."Party with a Cause". It's the White Party 2008 to benefit Heal the Bay

Zuma Surf & Swim Training has teamed up with the folks at Party with a Cause to raise money for Heal the Bay by donating private surf lesson at the exclusive Pt. Dume beach.

This event is sure to be a good time...and the best part, the proceeds go to the great people at Heal the Bay who are dedicating their lives to keeping our bay clean. To show your support you can purchase tickets to this event and bid in the silent auction for tons of local activities.

Lisa who is organizing the event just made some $50 tix available but it was limited to the first 50 people to purchase. Details.."We are thrilled to have received a large donation from a big supporter of Heal the Bay (who has asked to remain anonymous). We have decided to apply this donation to discount 50 event tickets -- 2 guests may attend for the price of 1 ticket.

Please follow these directions to complete your purchase:

Go to:
"Select number of tickets": leave the number selected as "1" if you want 2 tickets, or select "2" if you want 4 tickets, and so on...
"Names of guests you are buying tickets for": Include the names of all the guests to be placed on the guest list

We are very excited to be able to extend this promotion to you, and hope it will enable you to attend. Please note that this will only apply for the first 50 guests that complete their purchase.

The Archy Movie

Tonight, Friday April 18th, the Archy Movie is making it's first stop on it's West Coast Tour. Go check it out at the Hermosa Beach Playhouse at 7pm!
Tour - West Coast - Archy the Movie.com

Produced by my good friend Bill Ballard, with tow buddeh Rob Bruce as the DP, I am a little biased...but this movie rocks!! Like Bill has said, "This is a story that needs to be told". It is a flash back to the eighties surf scene in California, and a look at one of modern surfing's most influential characters.

I was fortunate to go to the premier in Newport and I think all of San Clemente came up to show their support. Check out the trailer for your self and go see the movie tonight!

Trailers - Archy the Movie.com

Water Mag Editor Review - Santa Barbara Surfer - Forums
Water Mag Editor Review
By: Steve Zeldin (words)
April 13, 2008
Built for Speed, Born to Ride -- an appropriate tagline for the new Bill Ballard documentary on the life of pro surfer Matt Archbold.

The premiere on April 10th at Newport's Lido Theater was a rowdy good time, thanks to the hundreds of heads from the San Clemente "mafia" who made the trek from Archy's hometown, hooting for their friends and the gnarly waves, and rolling empties down the aisles -- the way it should be at a surf flick. It was the best documentary I've seen in a long time; let me explain:

The film showcases the career of one of surfing's most radical and inventive characters, with colorful commentary from top surfers, his peers, influences, family, and childhood friends. Archy, like Jordan or Tiger, will forever be known by one name, and celebrated for his innovative surfing prowess.

From aerials to backdooring the business end at Off-the-Wall, Archy has impacted surfing in a major way. He's been sponsored for 25 solid years, and the film manages to showcase some of the pitfalls of his lucrative endorsements and his life in the fast lane.

The years Archy spent being mentored by Martin Potter are of particular note in the film, as well as the thoughts shared by many of surfing's elite athletes and the media. Kudos to Bill Ballard for capturing the essence of Archy's amazing contributions to the sport.

The after party was at the Blue Beet, where the hot rods, hot chicks, and all the bros transferred their energy to keep the good times rolling in honor of one of surfing's favorite sons. Archy's lady, family, and son, Ford, who is now a hot surfer himself, were on hand to celebrate. Catch the premiere as Archy makes tracks across America in the coming months. Great show!

ZSS and the Soul Sis Surf Meetup Group at El Porto

On March 29th, the Soul Sis Meetup surfing group had their annual Spring Kickoff surf at a secret spot in the South Bay.

Honorary member, Kai Sanson was there representing ZSS and ready to help out with boards, wetsuits and tips for catching some waves. It was a great turnout with skill levels ranging from experienced surfers to first timers.

After a long walk down to the spot, we spent some time going over the conditions, strategy on how to avoid the currents and figure out where the best spot to surf was. We were also able to see first hand what happens when you get stuck in a current; there was a young kid on a boogie board who didn't have fins and couldn't get back in and had to climb up on the jetty.

So after going over our strategy and taking a landmark, we charged out in the water and caught some waves. Everyone did great and I think everybody stood up for a while. No bad wipeouts and I didn't even step on a stingray!

It was a great day. Thanks Delza and Susan!