Zuma Surf & Swim Training -- Gear Update

We've recently started to use some great new gear for our surf lessons.

NEW BOARDS! -- Along with the INT Softboards that we have used in the past, we now are using the Doyle Performance Softboards. These boards are unreal! Because of the shape, rigidity, rocker and fin position, they ride really nice and you can actually turn them and go down the line. The nose also is has more rocker than other soft surfboards so if you are beginning, you will be less likely to nose-dive. They are stable and perfect for the beginner, but will also get you into that stage of advanced beginner or intermediate. Perfect for the waves at Sunset Beach or small days in Santa Monica and Zuma.

WETSUITS! -- We're slowly introducing XCEL Wetsuits, which are hands-down some of the best on the market. They will keep you warm and toasty on those cold Zuma mornings!

Random Cool News -- A new artificail reef in India (yes, India) that looks like it goes off!!

When I first saw this I could not believe it. Maybe the next surf trip should be India for some surf and yoga?? I'm sure there is a lot of local controversy about it, but if it really does serve to rebuild the beach as well as make a good wave, we need one here! Maybe out in front of Broad Beach instead of a giant rock wall/breakwater which has completely destroyed the beach.

Check it out:
India's First Artificial Reef

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We are now a KCRW Fringe Benefits Provider

We are big supporters of KCRW. Not only do we contribute as members, but Zuma Surf & Swim Training is now a Fringe Benefits Provider. What does that mean for you? Well, if you are a member of KCRW and hold a current Fringe Benefits card, you receive a 15% Discount off surf lessons with us.
15% of both private or group surf lessons
Does not apply to package rates.

How to receive the discount for surf lessons:
Just let us know in advance that you are a KCRW member and present your card to us the day of the lesson and receive you discount. Then...get in the water and go surfing!

KCRW Website