ZSS Sweet new products -- Olympus Stylus 770SW 7.1MP & 1030SW 10.1MP

If anyone is looking for a new digital camera, or a waterproof camera to take snorkeling, scuba diving or surfing, this is the one. We have the Stylus 770SW which we love for killer underwater shots. We went to Tahiti and you can just put it in your pocket and take it out kayaking or snorkeling and bust it out when you want the shot. No worries about getting it wet, just don't drop it in deep water. But...you can drop it when your out at the bar, as it is supposed to withstand drops of 6 feet.

The 770sw just went on sale at Amazon because they just introduced the 10MP one. If you need the extra MP, then go for that one, otherwise, just get the 770.

Here are some photos and video taken from ours. Hope the vid works...let's try it.